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DE has accomplished over 150 significant potable water projects that include both ground water wells and surface water impoundment sources, storage, treatment and transmission and distribution systems.

DE has provided technical and engineering services covering feasibility and cost studies, acquisition and appraisal documentation, rate studies, financing studies, engineering reports, complete hydraulic modeling including interaction between water sources, pumping plants, transmission mains and storage facilities, construction plans and specifications, bidding and award, construction management and supervision, start-up and operation.

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Representative examples of potable water projects accomplished by DE are listed below:

Tensas Parish-Wide Water Association

Denmon Engineering designed and developed a potable water source for the entire Parish (County) area by utilizing surface waters from local Lake Bruin. Facilities include a 2.2mgd lake intake structure, row water transmission line and water treatment plant. Also included are distribution lines, ground and elevated storage, and booster stations totaling approximately 75 miles of pipe which serves approximately 2,000 customers.
Total Project Cost: $6 million plus.

City of Tallulah

Denmon Engineering conducted a comprehensive study, appraisal, computer hydraulic modeling and construction plans to acquire from private owners and upgrade the existing water system serving 3,000 customers.
Total Project Cost: $10,700,000.

Walnut Bayou Water Association

Denmon Engineering developed conceptual and feasibility studies to expand and enlarge the existing water system and to improve its quality of supply through expanding into an adjacent Parish (County) to an area of high quality ground water. DEC developed a field of deep water wells plus transmission lines including over 120,000lf of 12" plus over 40,000lf of 8" pipes with elevated ground storage and booster plants to serve approximately 2,200 customers.
Project cost exceeded $5,000,000.

Town of Oak Grove

Denmon Engineering developed a new deep well production field, 1.5mgd treatment plant and upgraded the distribution system for fire flows including over 45,000lf 12" through 6" mains.
Total Project Cost: $3 million.

Southwest Ouachita Water Association

Denmon Engineering developed a water treatment program to provide individual ozone treatment facilities for each water well in a production field of five remote water wells, including initial pilot studies.
Total Project Cost: $500,000.

River Road Water Works

Denmon Engineering developed a regional water system including two (2) separate well fields with five (5) deep wells, water treatment plant, two (2) elevated storage tanks and approximately 125 miles of transmission or distribution mains.
Total Project Cost: $3 million.

Archibald Water System

Denmon Engineering developed a comprehensive regional water system including three (3) deep production wells, three (3) elevated storage tanks along with 250 miles of distribution mains
Total Project Cost: $2.67 million.

Bayou DeChene Reservoir District

Denmon Engineering conducted a feasibility and conceptual study to develop a 2.5 mgd surface water treatment plant plus distribution facilities including elevated storage, over 40,000lf 18" and 30,000lf 12" transmission line to serve adjacent existing water systems.
Total Project Cost: $6 million.

Castor Creek Reservoir
The Denmon Team was recently selected to provide all planning, engineering, environmental and surveying services required to develop a major reservoir project located in Central Louisiana to be known as the "Castor Creek Reservoir." This will be a principal reservoir project estimated to have approximately 34,000 acres of surface at pool stage with an average depth of 12 feet and a maximum depth of 60 feet. It is planned that the reservoir will be used to provide drinking water for a large area in Central Louisiana and provide significant fishing and other recreational opportunities.

Poverty Point Reservoir

Denmon Engineering conducted a feasibility study of a regional surface water treatment plant. The feasibility and conceptual study to provide a surface water treatment plant to treat and provide potable water to as many as 15 water systems serving the surrounding area.

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